Spending life on two wheels has given me some of my best memories in life, I’m sure it’s the same for you. 

Cycling across the South Downs on my mountain bike, or following the coast road down to a Southsea cafe on the Moto, -I’m happiest on two wheels. 

It was no coincidence then that I got involved in wheel building; In my opinion they are the best looking aspect of any two wheeler.

Wheels need to be strong and durable, whether you are carving up the trail or setting off on an epic motorcycle trip across Europe..

Based near Chichester and the famous Goodwood race circuit, we have two and four wheeled heritage all around us.

Goodwood aerodrome is home to many vintage aircraft including the wonderful Spitfire.

And If you haven’t been to Goodwood Revival, you should!

Some of my past and present two wheelers ..

Yamaha XS650

Tough as old boots, this classic twin Yam started out as a US Custom model complete with King and Queen seat! but I soon got to work with the grinder and made it into something a bit more my style.

A change from cast wheels to spoked (of course) transformed the look.

Santa Cruz Superlight

This lightweight Full Suspension mountain bike took the bumps out of my local South Downs trails whilst still providing a an engaging lightweight ride.

I always thought the Anodised Blue was the best colour. Sadly gone now.

Yamaha XT500 thumper

This became my first proper bike build after my friend became disillusioned with the costs! Again, a very tough bike and after having the engine rebuilt by Dave Newitt it was easy to start and very reliable. It too has made way for other projects.

Have you seen the cost of these now…

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