A complete service

Wheel Building     Spoke replacement     Rim replacement      Hub painting     Hub Polishing     Bearing replacement.


 At Moto Velo we use the finest components and equipment to build strong dependable wheels.

Our state of the art dial gauge wheel building jig ensures fast accurate builds to fine tolerances. 

Need your hubs polishing or painting at the same time as your rebuild? Offering a one stop solution means your wheels are out of action for less time!


If you have a vintage or classic motorcycle wheel it was probably built using galvanised spokes. While you might prefer to restore your bike to original specification, using Stainless Steel (at an average cost increase of just £20 per wheel over Galvanised) will mean a lifetime of maintenance free use without the worry of corrosion to spoil your pride and joy.                                               Using a new chrome rim in your build is not so much of an issue; the wheel rim is more accessible making it easier to clean and maintain, however a Stainless Steel rim is a worthy upgrade too if budget permits.

Other Services

Bearing Check / Replacement


If your wheels are old and rusty, what are the chances your bearings have seen better days too?

While they might spin reasonably freely in your hand, adding the weight of bike, rider and the forces exerted at speed mean bearings endure incredible loads. 

We remove all bearings for inspection prior to hub cleaning. This ensures any cleaning agents don’t work their way into the bearing grease. We would recommend new bearings at the point of any wheel rebuild. 

Make an appointment

Please always contact us first to arrange an appointment before calling at the workshop.

This will ensure someone will be there and have time to discuss your requirements. We can also save you a wasted journey if we need measurements from your bike first!

Preparing your wheel

Please have the tyre removed prior to calling/mailing. 

Do not cut out the existing spokes (no matter their condition) as accurate measurements and references will need to be made prior to rebuilding.


Supplying your own materials

We are happy for you to source and supply your own materials.

We will not take any responsibility for incorrectly supplied items however. 

If we agree to use the supplied items and they prove defective in time, we offer no warranty or accept responsibility for their use.