At Moto Velo we rebuild any sort of wheel. Please don’t be afraid to approach us for a quotation on your needs, we love to work on all wheels.

                        Road     E bike     Mountain Bike     Shopper     Vintage     Tandem     Wheelchair

 ” Broken Spokes?    Worn wheel rim?   Buckled Wheel?    

 … Or maybe you want something lighter and faster  “

We can build, repair or replace as necessary.

Cycling has gone through incredible changes in recent years. In sport and leisure, there are so many styles of bike to choose from.

Whilst a motorcycle wheel needs to be strong, it can be made of heavy strong components, but a bicycle wheel needs to be strong yet light. Disciplines such as mountain biking and bmx mean huge forces are often placed on this outwardly fragile component. 

The use of correctly specified, quality components, will ensure your wheels can endure everything you and the terrain can throw at them. 

Quality tools

Quality equipment

Dial Gauge precision

Custom Spoke Lengths

Our factory quality spoke cutter and threader creates rolled threads to order. Precise lengths and fast delivery mean less time off your bike !  

Stocking quality Sapim 14g Leader, Race (double butted) and Strong for E bikes. Stainless and Black finishes.

Polyax nipples in Silver or Black.

Wheel Rims



Dt Swiss

Ryde (Rigida)




Miche Primato (Road Rim Brake)

Make an appointment

Please always call to make an appointment. We want to make sure someone is here to receive you and has time to discuss your needs.

Preparing your wheel

For repairs/ rebuilds please have the tyre and tubes removed. If you don’t have the tools or ability we can do this for you.

Supplying your own materials.

We are happy for you to source your own materials but please note we do not accept any liability for materials supplied by you which prove faulty in due course. Nor is a warranty provided against those materials.